About Trust

  1. To research into the literary greatness and his unique position in karnatic and film music.
  2. To organize public meetings to commemorate his achievements.
  3. To arrange lectures about renowned persons in music and Indian culture and tradition.
  4. To arrange music competitions and extempore debates on music.
  5. To publish his literary works and other literature of renowned persons in all languages.
  6. To conduct research into the lives of Vaggeyakaras and publish them for general public.
  7. To encourage up coming artists of different disciplines
  8. To felicitating and honoring scholars, poets, artists and renowned persons.
  9. To produce audio CDs, cassettes and DVDs.
  10. To establish a center of Vaggeyakara’s Spiritual Pursuits, House of Ritualistic Prayers.
  11. To construct and maintain of Hospitals, Dispensaries, Gardens of various flowers and fruits, growing of trees for the purpose of environment purification.
  12. To Construct and Maintain Music Schools, Colleges and Training Centers, Yoga and Meditation Center, Child Welfare Centers.
  13. To conduct social welfare Activities ect..