About MS Ramarao

About M.S.Rama Rao : 3rd Juy 1921 – 20th April 1992

M.S.Rama Rao is popularly known for his Devotional Singing of the Sundarakandamu and Hanuman Chalisa and a noted First Play Back singer for Telugu Cinema World.

He born in Tenali, Guntur District to Sri.Moporthi Rangaiah and Smt.Moparthi mangamma as their eldest son.

He studied in Nidubrolu High School and completed graduation from Hindu College, Guntur.

As a Singer:

During his college days there was an Inter-College singing competition on light music in which he participated and stood first in the competition where he was drawn attention from every one for his melodious voice and Sri.Naduri Subba Rao popular lyric writter suggested him to serve Film Industry. On his advise he travelled to Madras(Chennai) and got chance to become First Play Back sinder for Telugu Cinema World and sang hundreds of songs in Telugu films, most of the songs he sang for Sri.Ch.Narayana Rao, the megastar of those decades and sang for several film personalities lik NTR, ANR, Gummadi, Nagaiah and others. He contributed his service to Telgu Film Industry for atleast 20 years between 1944 – 64. He has also composed music to Telugu, Hindi and Bengali films.

When he found it difficult to get oppurtunities in Film Industry, he was forced to leave Film Industry and shifted himself to Guntur along with his family, where he worked in different ways for his livelihood.

He joined Satya Sai Gurukulam in Rajahmundry as Hostel Warden in the year 1964 and by grace of Lord Hanuman he translated the Tulasidas Hanuman Chalisa in Telugu and wrote Sundarakandamu and gained recognition and remained immortal in Telugu speaking world for his milifolious rendering of Sundarakandamu (from epic Ramayana) and Hanuman Chalisa.

Personal Information:

Father : Sri. Moparthi Rangaiah
Mother : Smt.Moparthi Mangamma
Brothers : Sri. M.Krishna Murthy and Sri. M.Bhavanaranyana
Sister : Smt.T.Sita
Wife : Smt.M.Lakshmi Samrajyam
Sons : Sri.M.Babu Rao, Sri.M.Nageshwar Rao
Daughter : Smt.P.Sarojani Devi


Ayodhya Kanda
Aranya Kanda
Kishkinda Kanda
Sundara Kanda
Yudha Kanda
Many Light Music songs


Sri.Rama Rao gained fame for his singing, writings and was awarded the name of ‘Sundara Dasu’ in 1977.

Now his Grandson Dr.P.Srinivas is carrying the legacy of his works.