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For any Problem there are remidial measure in Ramayana to Solve your problems call us or Mail to us......Jai Sree Ram.

Exicutive Committee

The trust constitutes maily by the four Founder Trustees and managed by their. They are the Permanent managing trustees [Founder trustees].The trust appoints/nominates Trustees from Time to Time and forms comities to canny out the aims and objective of the trust.
       Dr.P.Srinivas              - Founder & Managing trustee.
       Smt.P.Kasivisalakshi  - Founder Trustee.
       Dr.P.Sree Ramarao    - Founder Trustee
       Smt.P.V.Sarojini Devi   - Founder Trustee

The trust has nominated Sri.G.Sridhar Rao Managing Director of VISHAL PROJECTS LTD as Has'ble Trustee.

The trust will form committies from Time to Time from all the member to carry out the objectivies of the trust.

Our Chief Patrons:

  1. Sri I.S.Rao -Indurstrialist
  2. Sri Prakash Rao - Bussines man


Maharaj Poshaks:--

Raja Poshaks - Ramayana Dharma Prachara Committe Members :

  • 1.Sri Leo Anand
  • 2.Sri G.Murali Prasad
  • 3.Sri V.Varadha Rajulu
  • 4.Sri V.V.Rajam
  • 5.SriCh.Jaya Hari Krishna
  • 6.Sri Suggula Srinivas
  • 7.Sri V.Rama Sharma
  • 8.Sri Y.Satyanarayana
  • 9.Sri N.Veeranna
  • 10.Sri A.Srinivas
  • 11.Sri E.Sridhar
  • 12.Sri Ch.V.Apparao
  • 13.Sri Suraparaju Srinivasa Rao
  • 14.Smt G.Indira
  • 15.Sri M.Krishna Naik
  • 16.Sri Gnanam Goud
  • 17.Sri E.Narendra Kumar
  • 18.Sri C.M.N.Chowdary
  • 19.Sri S.Venkateswar Rao
  • 20.Sri K.Krishna Mohan
  • 21.Sri K.Sudhakar Pillai

Donar Member's List

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