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For any Problem there are remidial measures in Ramayana to Solve your problems call us or Mail to us......Jai Sree Ram.


  1. The Funds of the Trust Shall Consist:
    1. admission fees and Subscripitions paid by Members
    2. donations by chief Patrons
    3. Patrons
    4. Donars and life members
    5. grants made by the Government or any other Institutions and all other Moneys coming into the hands of the Trust in any other manner whatsoever.
  2. The funds of the Trust ,Whether such funds constitute income or the corpus ,shall be utilized only for the attainment of the objects.
  3. The Funds of the Trust shall be deposited in scheduled banks and the bank accounts shall be operated jointly by any two of the following1) Founder & Trustee2) General Seceretary or3) Treasurer
  4. The Account of the Trust shall be audited by chartered accountant appointed by the managing committee at the annual general body meeting of the Trust.
  5. Donations are accepted from the cultural Lovers for the developmental activities of the Trust
    1. Honorable trustee 5,00,116/- and above.
    2. Chief Patron 1,01,116/-
    3. Patron- 51,116/-
    4. Maharaj Poshak 25,116/-
    5. Raja Poshak 10,116/-
    6. Poshok 5,116/-
    7. Life donar Membership 1116/-


It is our earnest desire to give purposeful and fruitful programmes to our esteemed guests, sometimes on our own, and sometimes in collaboration with other organisations of like mind. In this endeavour it is but possible that we may not be able to circulate the programmes in time to our members. However, since the programmes will be published in the engagement columns of the local dailies, we sincerely request all our members to kindly look into the daily engagement columns so that they do not miss some programmes of interest. We always make it a point to give as many programmes as possible, not compromising with the quality, and that stand to the core.

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